NFL Eliminator | 2014, Week 8

by Eric Mackon October 26, 2014
Unfortunately, I was in Yosemite over the weekend, and had no cell reception or Internet access, though I was told I would. Sorry this is so late. Standings Lightbody, Todd (7-0) — Eagles, Redskins, Saints, Chargers, Broncos, Cardinals, Patriots Mack, Eric (7-0) — Eagles, Packers, Saints, Chargers, Steelers, Cardinals, Redskins Schear, Andrew (6-1) — Eagles, […]
Songs of Innocence

Album Reviews | U2 – Songs of Innocence (2014)

by Eric Mackon October 23, 2014
U2's latest is a decent offering, but ultimately the material just isn't strong enough to recommend giving it more than just a cursory listen.
Tom Brady

NFL Eliminator | 2014, Week 7

by Eric Mackon October 18, 2014
Standings Lightbody, Todd (6-0) — Eagles, Redskins, Saints, Chargers, Broncos, Cardinals Mack, Eric (6-0) — Eagles, Packers, Saints, Chargers, Steelers, Cardinals Schear, Andrew (6-0) — Eagles, Packers, Patriots, Chargers, Seahawks, Broncos Mack, Ryan (5-1) — Steelers, Redskins, Saints, Chargers, Lions, Cardinals Mack, Bill (5-1) — Eagles, Broncos, Patriots, Saints, Steelers, Titans Point Spreads for Week […]


Album Reviews | Soundgarden – Superunknown (2014) [20th Anniversary Super Deluxe]

by Eric Mackon October 16, 2014
The most elaborate reissue of Soundgarden's greatest album is something of a disappointment. Despite an abundance of tracks, standouts are few and far between, and overall the release is just decent in quality.
Ghost Stories

Album Reviews | Coldplay – Ghost Stories (2014)

by Eric Mackon October 15, 2014
Boasting insanely high production values that can only be found on big-budget albums, Ghost Stories is a highly enjoyable offering from Coldplay that demonstrates why the band has such broad appeal.
Colts Guy

NFL Eliminator | 2014, Week 6

by Eric Mackon October 12, 2014
Losers bracket is now in effect for a couple of folks, so we might as well bring the standings into the mix. Standings Lightbody, Todd (5-0) — Eagles, Redskins, Saints, Chargers, Broncos Mack, Eric (5-0) — Eagles, Packers, Saints, Chargers, Steelers Schear, Andrew (5-0) — Eagles, Packers, Patriots, Chargers, Seahawks Mack, Ryan (4-1) — Steelers, […]

Saving Private Ryan Title Card

Favorite Movies | Saving Private Ryan (1998)

by Eric Mackon October 9, 2014
“This time the mission is a man.” – Sgt. Horvath Joseph Stalin once brilliantly pointed out, “A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic.” This fully sums up both the madness of war when it is executed on a mass scale and, perhaps more tellingly, how it is so continually rationalized in the civilized […]
Packers Vikings

NFL Eliminator | 2014, Week 5

by Eric Mackon October 5, 2014
Spreads for Week 5 Buccaneers @ Saints -10.5 Cardinals @ Broncos -8 Jets @ Chargers -6.5 Bills @ Lions -5.5 Rams @ Eagles -5 Texans @ Cowboys -5 Chiefs @ 49ers -5 Falcons @ Giants -4.5 Ravens @ Colts -3 Bears @ Panthers EVEN Seahawks @ Redskins +7.5 (MNF) Steelers @ Jaguars +6 Bengals @ […]
Eli Manning

NFL Eliminator | 2014, Week 4

by Eric Mackon September 28, 2014
Some teams have byes this week. Let the madness begin! Spreads for Week 4 Jaguars @ Chargers -13 Titans @ Colts -7.5 Buccaneers @ Steelers -7.5 Eagles @ 49ers -4.5 Panthers @ Ravens -3.5 Bills @ Texans -3 Dolphins vs. Raiders +4 (in England) Falcons @ Vikings +3.5 Saints @ Cowboys +3 (SNF) Patriots @ […]

Gladiator Title Card

Favorite Movies | Gladiator (2000)

by Eric Mackon September 21, 2014
“Rome is to become a Republic again.” — Marcus Aurelius Many, many things in Gladiator are simply not accurate. The character Maximus is a necessary fiction; having characters make patently false statements like “Rome was founded as a Republic” is something of a head scratcher. Curiously, the Wikipedia article on Gladiator makes no mention of this […]
Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck

NFL Eliminator | 2014, Week 3

by Eric Mackon September 20, 2014
Looks like we have a Super Bowl rematch this Sunday. Standings Everybody’s still undefeated. Spreads for Week 3 Favored teams in bold. Raiders @ Patriots -14 Vikings @ Saints -10.5 Titans @ Bengals -7 Redskins @ Eagles -6 Broncos @ Seahawks -4.5 Chiefs @ Dolphins -3.5 Steelers @ Panthers -3.5 (SNF) Packers @ Lions -2.5 […]
Blue Lines

In Rotation | Massive Attack – Blue Lines (1991)

by Eric Mackon September 19, 2014
When I was counting down my list of favorite albums in late 2011 and early 2012, I still hadn’t really heard much electronic music, and the only trip-hop I was familiar with was the Sneaker Pimps’ song “6 Underground” and DJ Shadow’s amazing album Endtroducing…, which I have since profiled in an In Rotation entry. I […]

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