Tom Brady

NFL Eliminator | 2014, Week 7

by Eric Mackon October 18, 2014
Standings Lightbody, Todd (6-0) — Eagles, Redskins, Saints, Chargers, Broncos, Cardinals Mack, Eric (6-0) — Eagles, Packers, Saints, Chargers, Steelers, Cardinals Schear, Andrew (6-0) — Eagles, Packers, Patriots, Chargers, Seahawks, Broncos Mack, Ryan (5-1) — Steelers, Redskins, Saints, Chargers, Lions, Cardinals Mack, Bill (5-1) — Eagles, Broncos, Patriots, Saints, Steelers, Titans Point Spreads for Week […]

Album Reviews | Soundgarden – Superunknown (2014) [20th Anniversary Super Deluxe]

by Eric Mackon October 16, 2014
The most elaborate reissue of Soundgarden's greatest album is something of a disappointment. Despite an abundance of tracks, standouts are few and far between, and overall the release is just decent in quality.
Ghost Stories

Album Reviews | Coldplay – Ghost Stories (2014)

by Eric Mackon October 15, 2014
Boasting insanely high production values that can only be found on big-budget albums, Ghost Stories is a highly enjoyable offering from Coldplay that demonstrates why the band has such broad appeal.

Colts Guy

NFL Eliminator | 2014, Week 6

by Eric Mackon October 12, 2014
Losers bracket is now in effect for a couple of folks, so we might as well bring the standings into the mix. Standings Lightbody, Todd (5-0) — Eagles, Redskins, Saints, Chargers, Broncos Mack, Eric (5-0) — Eagles, Packers, Saints, Chargers, Steelers Schear, Andrew (5-0) — Eagles, Packers, Patriots, Chargers, Seahawks Mack, Ryan (4-1) — Steelers, […]
Saving Private Ryan Title Card

Favorite Movies | Saving Private Ryan (1998)

by Eric Mackon October 9, 2014
“This time the mission is a man.” – Sgt. Horvath Joseph Stalin once brilliantly pointed out, “A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic.” This fully sums up both the madness of war when it is executed on a mass scale and, perhaps more tellingly, how it is so continually rationalized in the civilized […]
Packers Vikings

NFL Eliminator | 2014, Week 5

by Eric Mackon October 5, 2014
Spreads for Week 5 Buccaneers @ Saints -10.5 Cardinals @ Broncos -8 Jets @ Chargers -6.5 Bills @ Lions -5.5 Rams @ Eagles -5 Texans @ Cowboys -5 Chiefs @ 49ers -5 Falcons @ Giants -4.5 Ravens @ Colts -3 Bears @ Panthers EVEN Seahawks @ Redskins +7.5 (MNF) Steelers @ Jaguars +6 Bengals @ […]

Eli Manning

NFL Eliminator | 2014, Week 4

by Eric Mackon September 28, 2014
Some teams have byes this week. Let the madness begin! Spreads for Week 4 Jaguars @ Chargers -13 Titans @ Colts -7.5 Buccaneers @ Steelers -7.5 Eagles @ 49ers -4.5 Panthers @ Ravens -3.5 Bills @ Texans -3 Dolphins vs. Raiders +4 (in England) Falcons @ Vikings +3.5 Saints @ Cowboys +3 (SNF) Patriots @ […]
Gladiator Title Card

Favorite Movies | Gladiator (2000)

by Eric Mackon September 21, 2014
“Rome is to become a Republic again.” — Marcus Aurelius Many, many things in Gladiator are simply not accurate. The character Maximus is a necessary fiction; having characters make patently false statements like “Rome was founded as a Republic” is something of a head scratcher. Curiously, the Wikipedia article on Gladiator makes no mention of this […]
Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck

NFL Eliminator | 2014, Week 3

by Eric Mackon September 20, 2014
Looks like we have a Super Bowl rematch this Sunday. Standings Everybody’s still undefeated. Spreads for Week 3 Favored teams in bold. Raiders @ Patriots -14 Vikings @ Saints -10.5 Titans @ Bengals -7 Redskins @ Eagles -6 Broncos @ Seahawks -4.5 Chiefs @ Dolphins -3.5 Steelers @ Panthers -3.5 (SNF) Packers @ Lions -2.5 […]

Blue Lines

In Rotation | Massive Attack – Blue Lines (1991)

by Eric Mackon September 19, 2014
When I was counting down my list of favorite albums in late 2011 and early 2012, I still hadn’t really heard much electronic music, and the only trip-hop I was familiar with was the Sneaker Pimps’ song “6 Underground” and DJ Shadow’s amazing album Endtroducing…, which I have since profiled in an In Rotation entry. I […]
Led Zeppelin III

Album Reviews | Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin III (2014) [Deluxe Edition]

by Eric Mackon September 19, 2014
Another quality release from the recent Zeppelin reissue campaign. The fidelity of the audio is the best it has ever been in the digital era, and the extras that have been unearthed from this period in the band's history are both illuminating and entertaining in equal measure, even if they are limited in quantity.
Turn Blue

Album Reviews | The Black Keys – Turn Blue (2014)

by Eric Mackon September 17, 2014
Turn Blue is a really solid effort from the Black Keys that finds them exploring new territory while still maintaining their authentic retro sound and approach. It may not be as strong as Brothers or El Camino, but the level of craft outpaces a vast majority of the Black Keys' peers by a wide margin.

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